Erico Ansuade

Director of dance at the Slyboots School and the dagara music center USA & FEATURED performer and choreographer of the slyboots circus

Eric is a world renowned performer from Accra, Ghana. He began performing at the age of eight and made a name for himself at nineteen, after winning the title as Ghana’s 2009 National Dance Champion. Eric has traveled internationally throughout Africa,
China, Europe and the USA. His professional accomplishments include performing for Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis, promoter Don King and Dance Africa Director Baba Chuck Davis. While in Europe he danced at one of Germany’s largest artistic festivals- The Tollwood Festival.

Having won multiple dance competitions, Eric received a scholarship to attend the Wuqiao Acrobatic Art School. It is China’s most prestigious school for acrobatics and circus performances. While there he mastered the art of contortion, fire
eating, juggling, spinning bowls, hat tricks, unicycle and gymnastics.

Eric is now living in the United States and is the chief dance instructor at the Bernard Woma Dagara Music Center USA, The Slyboots School of Music, Art and Dance and the Buffalo World Music and Dance Academy.  He is the star and lead choreographer of the Slyboots Circus and can be found teaching and performing for schools, universities and shows such as Dance Africa.