Rasta Eddie Green

Ghanian master musician/Drum Director of the bernard woma dagara music center usa and DMC ghana, Featured performer of the slyboots circus

Eddie is the beloved Chief drummer of the SAAKUMU Dance Troupe from Ghana, West Africa.  Eddie began working as Bernard Woma's right hand man at the DMC in Ghana in the year 2000.  Hailing from the southern region of Ghana, Eddie's specialty is music and dance from the Ga tradition, though is well versed in music and dance from all the major ethnic groups in Ghana. Since 2008, he has come to the US on 14 educational tours with SAAKUMU and Slyboots to share his culture, perform and teach at colleges, universities, schools and festivals all across the country. Eddie is a founding member of the Slyboots School of Music, Art and Dance in Buffalo, NY and a featured performer in SLYKUMU and the Slyboots Circus.