Brian DeAngelo

Chief at Green Mountain Slyboots

I find that my job is to be an ambassador, born as a human being, who represents the natural/free world, in the realm of human society. My intention is to present an awareness/perspective to human beings, with the languages found in sound art, that allocates the education of issues that may not be easily realized or explored. I'm primarily a drummer/percussionist/composer, and the works that I create are intended for an audience of thinkers, dreamers, imaginers; those who sense that there is something that occurs day to day, moment to moment, but does not affluently prosper in most man made societies. As a Graduate of Goddard College's MFA-IA program, New School University's BFA in Jazz/ and Contemporary Music studies in Senegal, West Africa, I have had the fortune to spread my findings as a Professor and Performer at Villa Maria College's music school, the Slyboots School of Music, and in public and private settings in Buffalo, NY from 2006-2014.

Some of the very well accomplished musicians who I have had the privilege to accompany and learn from while working with Percussive Instruments - Reggie Workman, Ahmed Abdullah, Charli Persip, Kenny Wollesen, Brian Marsella, John Lee, Tim Keiper, Junior Mance, Mike Kammers , George Garzone, Abdou M’Boup, Raymond Sylla, M'Baye Rama Djiange, Assane Sy, Alisanne Sarr, Mohammed Diaby, Griffin Brady, Michael McNeil, Amir Ziv, Jesse Berg, Adam Rea, Daniel Seviec, Bernard Woma's Sakumu, Ravi Padmanaba, The Mustn'ts, Ramforinkus, Dali's Ghost, On the Sly and many others.